TCFD offers new generation of CFD simulations and brings an extreme increase of productivity to CFD simulations. It is mainly focused on supporting the engineers in their real added value work. It successfully merged benefits of both open source and commercial codes. Due to open source nature, TCFD can be used by unlimited number of users, jobs, and cores and is fully customizable. Due to commercial code nature, TCFD is professionally supported, well tested, ready for the industry, robust, accurate, automated, has GUI, has documentation and many more. Because TCFD offers complete customization with zero limits, it fits very well with demanding simulations like optimization, transient or aeroacoustics.

TCFD is also fully automated, it can run the whole workflow by a single command: data input, new case is written down, mesh is created, case is set-up, case is simulated, results are evaluated, and the results report is written down, both in GUI and batch mode, data in - data out. Another major benefit of TCFD is that it is the user who decides how deep to dive into a CFD or not at all.

TCFD is a complete software package. It was from the beginning developed in a way to be automated, easy, flexible and accurate at the same time. That means that it covers a complete process, from reading basic (usually CAD) data, CFD analysis, to the significant engineering results. It is an outcome of many years of development of CFD support team of engineers and developers. TCFD®

TCFD® numerical solver is based on OpenFOAM®. TCFD® is not dependent on other software but it is fully compatible with standard OpenFOAM® and other software packages. It can be used for a wide range of various CFD simulations.



Each individual TCFD® simulation run has its own results report in web responsive HTML or PDF format. The report can be updated anytime during the simulation run. The engineers always know what the current results of the running simulation are.

TCFD® also includes the Turbo Blade Post software - special set of ParaView plugins for postprocessing of turbomachinery and it also includes the CFD Processor software - a tool for the process automation and manipulation. TCFD® also includes the TCFDSource and TCFDManager - special set of ParaView plugins for easy creation of configuration files and simulation run in ParaView.

TCFD® works on both Linux and Microsoft Windows OS and it is regularly updated. It also includes detailed tutorials of real machines, which cover the complete process from the basic model data to the final results. Once the tutorial is completed, the user can easily repeat the whole process with his own data. All the workflow is fully automated.

Especially for TCFD®, CFD Support developed a special set of OpenFOAM® boundary conditions e.g. to handle the rotor - stator interface, or boundary conditions for the inlet and the outlet of the computational domain. The solvers for TCFD® were extensively tested on real machine cases and showed perfect agreement with available measurements. The solvers are robust to handle the extreme flow conditions.

Differences between TCFD, standard OpenFOAM and typical Commercial software



Standard OpenFOAM

Commercial Software

Open-source Solver

Unlimited Users, Jobs & Cores

Robust Solver for Turbomachinery

Boundary Conditions for Turbomachinery

Real Tutorials for Turbomachinery

Pre/Postprocessing for Turbomachinery

Automated Process (Workflow)

Both Linux & Windows

Smart HTML Reporting

Graphical Interface (GUI)

Free of Charge



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